The Earth Is a Sinful Song (1973) watch uncut


Directed by: Rauni Mollberg Stars: Maritta Viitamäki, Pauli Jauhojärvi, Aimo Saukko, Milja Hiltunen Language: Finnish | Subtitles: English Country: Finland | Imdb Info Also known as: Maa on syntinen laulu, The Land of Our Ancestors Description: An earthy, naturalistic ally erotic and blood-soaked tale of young Martta’s ill-fated affair with Oula . […]

Love Doll (1974) watch uncut


Directed by: Luis García Berlanga Stars: Michel Piccoli, Valentine Tessier, Rada Rassimov, Lucienne Hamon, Queta Claver, Amparo Soler Leal Language: Spanish | Subtitles: English Country: Spain | Imdb Info Also known as: Grandeur nature, Life Size, Tamaño natural Description: When Michel (Michel Piccoli) gets the life-sized sex doll he ordered, shipped […]

Roseland (1971) watch uncut


Directed by: Fredric Hobbs Stars: E. Kerrigan Prescott, Christopher Brooks, Victor Alter, Peggy Browne, Tiny Bubbles, Karen Ingenthron, Marilyn Mansfield, Carla LiBrizzi, Andrea Schmidt, Linda Tillery Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Description: A sex-crazed ex-singer is forced to undergo psychiatric counseling; it seems he’s addicted to stealing pornographic […]

Fresh Bait (1995) watch uncut


Directed by: Bertrand Tavernier Stars: Marie Gillain, Olivier Sitruk, Bruno Putzulu, Richard Berry, Philippe Duclos, Clotilde Courau Language: French | Subtitles: English Country: France | Imdb Info Also known as: L’appât, The Bait Description: This movie is based on true events. The real characters are still in prison. Three adolescents, a […]

The Red Nights of the Gestapo (1977) watch uncut


Directed by: Fabio De Agostini Stars: Ezio Miani, Fred Williams,Nando Marineo, Francesca Righini, Rosita Torosh, Isabelle Marchall Language: English Country: Italy | Imdb Info Also known as: Le lunghe notti della Gestapo Description: An illustrious group of German industrialists plot to overthrow Hitler by negotiating a peace treaty with England. Disgraced, but dedicated Nazi […]

Final Judgement (1992) watch uncut


Directed by: Louis Morneau Stars: Brad Dourif, David Ledingham, Maria Ford, Simone Allen, Karen Black, Kristin Dattilo, Sherrie Rose, Lisa Inouye Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Description: A priest is suspected in the brutal murder of a young stripper. To prove his innocence, he descends into the world of […]

Arrapaho (1984) watch uncut

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Directed by: Ciro Ippolito Stars: Urs Althaus, Daniele Pace, Squallor, Tinì Cansino Language: Italian | Subtitles: English Country: Italy | Imdb Info Description: Scella Pezzata, daughter of the Indian chief Heavy Ball of the Cefaloni tribe, is betrothed to Cavallo Pazzo, but is in love with Arrapaho, son of the […]

All Women Are Bad (1969) watch uncut


Directed by: Larry Crane Stars: Peter Bradford, Liz Byan, Eva, Fred Alexander, Carol Ann Lewis, Susan McPherson, Yolanda Signorelli, Janet Banzet, Gerard Damiano Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Description: The film’s plays out something like a cross between a noir flick and an exploitation film focuses squarely on […]

Awakening of the Beast (1970) watch uncut


Directed by: José Mojica Marins Stars: José Mojica Marins, Ângelo Assunção, Ronaldo Beibe, Andreia Bryan Language: Portuguese | Subtitles: English Country: Brazil | Imdb Info Also known as: O Ritual dos Sádicos, Ritual of the Maniacs Description: During a debate of journalists with the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Sérgio and José Mojica […]

Damaged Goods (1961) watch online


Directed by: H. Haile Chace Stars: Dolores Faith, Mory Schoolhouse, Charlotte Stewart, Michael Bell Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Also known as: V.D., The Secret Description: Clean-cut high school track star Jim Radman (amiable Mory Schoolhouse) and his equally wholesome girlfriend Kathy Durham (an appealing portrayal by the pretty […]