Rabid (1977) watch uncut


Directed by: David Cronenberg Stars: Marilyn Chambers, Frank Moore, Joe Silver Language: English Country: Canada | Imdb Info Description: In Camelford, while swinging his van across a narrow road to make a u-turn, a driver stalls the vehicle that does not restart. Hart Read is driving his motorcycle with his […]

Nightmare City (1980) watch online


Directed by: Umberto Lenzi Actors: Hugo Stiglitz, Laura Trotter, Maria Rosaria Omaggio Language: English Country: Italy, Mexico, Spain Also known as: City of the Walking Dead, Großangriff der Zombies, Incubo, Invasion by the Atomic Zombies, Invasion de los zombies atómicos, L’avion de l’apocalypse, L’invasion des zombies, La citè de la peur, La […]

The Dracula Saga (1973) watch online

MoCuishle 1

Directed by:  León Klimovsky Actors: Tina Sáinz, Tony Isbert, Helga Liné Language: English Country: Spain Also known as: Dracula: The Bloodline Continues, L’ultimo vampiro, Saga of the Draculas, The Dracula Saga, La saga de los Drácula Description: Count Dracula(Narciso Ibáñez Menta), his nieces, Irina and Xenia(Cristina Suriani & María Kosty) and new wife, Munia(Helga Liné) are excited at […]

Fando and Lis (1968) watch surreal cult movie


Directed by: Alejandro Jodorowsky Actors: Sergio Kleiner, Diana Mariscal, María Teresa Rivas Language: Spanish (English Subtitles) Country: Mexico Also known as: Fando y Lis (original title), Il paese incantato Description: Alejandro Jodorowsky’s (director of Alucarda, The Holy Mountain, and Santa Sangre) first full length movie about Fando and his paraplegic lover Lis searching for […]