Spirits (1990) watch uncut


Directed by: Fred Olen Ray Stars: Erik Estrada, Robert Quarry, Brinke Stevens Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Description: A priest, trying to regain his standing in the church after “falling” and sleeping with a woman, teams with a group of ESP experts to investigate a haunted house. It […]

Erotica (1961) watch online


Directed by: Russ Meyer Stars: Sherry Knight, Bertha von Büstenhalter, Werner Kirsch Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Description: Exploitation auteur and mammary-enthusiast Russ Meyer directs this lurid journey into female sexuality told in six segments: “Naked Innocence,” “Beauties, Bubbles, and H2O,” “The Bear and the Bare,” “Nudists on […]

Heavenly Bodies (1963) watch online


Directed by: Russ Meyer Stars: Ken Parker, Gaby Martone, Marian Milford Language: English Country: Usa Also known as: Heavenly Assignment Description: Taking a look at the connection that glamour models have to photography,a group of film makers follow a number of photography’s for glamour magazines around,to discover the skill involved in […]

Take Me Naked (1966) watch online


Directed by: Michael Findlay (as Julian Marsh) , Roberta Findlay (as Anna Riva) Actors: Kevin Sullivan, Roberta Findlay, Michael Findlay Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Take Me  Description: While squatting in an abandoned house, a bum becomes entranced by a naked drunk woman masturbating in her apartment. As the night continues, the bum […]

Not of This Earth (1988) watch online


Directed by: Jim Wynorski Actors: Traci Lords, Arthur Roberts and Lenny Juliano Language: English Country: USA Also known as: De otro mundo, Le vampire de l’espace, Nie z tej ziemi, Vampire aus dem All, Vampiro del espacio A science fiction vampire movie. The Vampire is an emissary from an embattled world near destruction who teleports to Earth to see […]

C.B. Hustlers (1976) watch online


Directed by: Stu Segall Stars: John F. Goff, Richard Kennedy, John Alderman, Uschi Digard and Catherine Barkley Language: English Country: Usa Description: Truckdrivers help each other avoid the police by creating roadblocks by communicating on their CB radios. A trio of prostitutes ply their trade with truck drivers while doing their […]

Fuego (1969) watch uncut

MoCuishle 1

Directed by: Armando Bo Stars: Isabel Sarli, Armando Bo, Alba Múgica Language: English Country: Argentina Description: A nymphomaniac can’t get satisfaction from any single man or woman. Laura is a bisexual nymphomaniac who often carries on with her housekeeper Andrea. When Carlos sees her bathing nude one day, he falls in […]