Petersen (1974) watch uncut


Directed by: Tim Burstall Stars: Jack Thompson, Jacki Weaver, Wendy Hughes, Arthur Dignam, Belinda Giblin, Helen Morse, Sandy Gore Language: English Country: Australia | Imdb Info Also known as: ‘Jock’ Petersen, Tony Petersen, Sittin, Campus Description: Tony Petersen, a married electrician and ex-footballer, goes to university to study English. Petersen is […]

Ways of Katmandu (1969) watch uncut

MoCuishle 1

Directed by: André Cayatte Stars: Pascale Audret, Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg, Elsa Martinelli Language: French | Subtitles: English Country: France | Imdb Info Also known as: Les chemins de Katmandou, The Road to Katmandu, Katmandu, The Pleasure Pit, Dirty Dolls in Kathmandu Description: Oliver is a rebellious socially-conscious young activist who […]

Beatriz (1976) watch uncut


Directed by: Gonzalo Suárez Stars: Carmen Sevilla, Nadiuska, Jorge Rivero, José Sacristán, Sandra Mozarowsky, Elsa Zabala Language: Spanish | Subtitles: English Country: Spain | Mexico | Imdb Info Description: In the woods, a boy named Juan witnesses the Lorenzo el Quinto’s band’s assault on a mysterious friar, who manages to […]

Man of Flowers (1983) watch uncut


Directed by: Paul Cox Stars: Norman Kaye, Alyson Best, Chris Haywood, Sarah Walker, Julia Blake, Victoria Eagger Language: English Country: Australia | Imdb Info Description: Charles Bremer, an elderly man, is a little eccentric. His love for flowers is only equaled by his love for watching a pretty woman undress. He […]

Love Rites (1987) watch uncut


Directed by: Walerian Borowczyk Stars: Marina Pierro, Mathieu Carrière, Josy Bernard, Isabelle Tinard Language: French | Subtitles: English Country: France | Imdb Info Description: Hugo, a clothing buyer is a young hedonist who meets actress and prostitute Miriam in this erotic and violent drama. After heavy petting and foreplay throughout the […]

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful (1970) watch uncut


Directed by: Robert Canton Stars: Harold Herbsman, Janis Young, Jennifer Welles, Allen Garfield, Uta Erickson, Linda Sergio, Margaret Paulez Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Description: The story centers around the estate of a politician plagued by blackmail and scissor-murders . . . This Content Available to see only […]

Crash (1996) watch uncut


Directed by: David Cronenberg Stars: James Spader, Holly Hunter, Elias Koteas, Deborah Kara Unger, Rosanna Arquette Language: English Country: Canada | Imdb Info Description: Since a road accident left him with serious facial and bodily scarring, a former TV scientist has become obsessed by the marriage of motor-car technology with what […]

Woman in Chains (1968) watch uncut


Directed by: Henri-Georges Clouzot Stars: Laurent Terzieff, Elisabeth Wiener, Bernard Fresson, Dany Carrel Language: French | Subtitles: English Country: France | Imdb Info Also known as: La prisonnière, Female Prisoner Description: Stanislas Hassler blazes the development of modern art in his gallery, packed with works of surprising shapes, colours and textures, and where […]

The Panderers (1976) watch uncut


Directed by: Brunello Rondi Stars: Alain Cuny, Juliette Mayniel, Luciano Salce, Stefania Casini, Silvia Dionisio, Ilona Staller, Sonja Jeannine, Gabriella Lepori Language: Italian | Subtitles: English Country: Italy | Imdb Info Also known as: I prosseneti Description: David and his wife Gilda transform their beautiful villa in a brothel, which are home to […]