The Naked Bunyip (1970) watch uncut


Directed by: John B. Murray Stars: Graeme Blundell, Barry Humphries, Gordon Rumph Language: English Country: Australia | Imdb Info Description: A shy young man is hired by an ad agency to conduct a survey on sex in Australia. The somewhat clueless young man investigates homosexuality, transvestites, prostitution, and strip clubs […]

Utopia (1983) watch uncut


Directed by: Sohrab Shahid Saless Stars: Manfred Zapatka, Imke Barnstedt, Gundula Petrovska, Gabriele Fischer, Johanna Sophia, Birgit Anders Language: German | Subtitles: English Country: Germany | Imdb Info Also known as: Das ferne Land Utopia Description: A treatise on love and desire tainted by harsh reality of capitalism, in which submission […]

Black Venus (1983) watch uncut


Directed by: Claude Mulot Stars: Josephine Jacqueline Jones, José Antonio Ceinos, Emiliano Redondo, Karin Schubert, Helga Liné, Florence Guérin, Mandy Rice-Davies Language: English Country: Spain | Imdb Info Also known as: La Venus Noire, La Venus Negro, Venere Nera Description: A black chick named Venus provides the inspiration for a down and out […]

Tijuana Blue (1972) watch uncut


Directed by: Howard Ziehm Stars: Howard Alexander, Martin Victor, Dee Serano, Nina Martinez, Maria Gomez, Sue Pagan, Dorothy Clemente, Lidia Hernandez Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Also known as: House of Whorers Description: After discovering that his girlfriend is pregnant, a man named Jamie agrees to assist on a drug run […]

Shanty Tramp (1967) watch uncut


Directed by: Joseph G. Prieto Stars: Eleanor Vaill, Otto Schlessinger, Lewis Galen Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Description: On a hot night in Dixie, the local shanty tramp heads out for adventure and leaves disaster in her wake. The lust she excites in the local men leads to […]

Flodder (1986) watch uncut


Directed by: Dick Maas Stars: Nelly Frijda, Huub Stapel, René van ‘t Hof Language: Dutch | Subtitles: English Country: Netherlands | Imdb Info Also known as: The Flodders, Les Lavigueur déménagent, Welfare Party, Les gravos, Arrivano i Flodder, Una familia tronada, Eine Familie zum Knutschen Description: The story is about a […]

Rush Week (1991) watch uncut


Directed by: Bob Bralver Stars: Pamela Ludwig, Dean Hamilton, Roy Thinnes Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Also known as: Beverly Hills Delitti Al College, Terreur sur le campus Description: When Toni Daniels, an ambitious student reporter, goes in search of an exciting story, she discovers the dark secrets of […]

Olivier, Olivier (1992) watch uncut

MoCuishle 2

Directed by:  Agnieszka Holland Stars: Frédéric Quiring ,Faye Gatteau, Emmanuel Morozof, Brigitte Roüan, François Cluzet, Carole Lemerle Language: Italian | Subtitles: English Country: France | Imdb Info Description: Olivier, the nine-year-old son of Elisabeth and Serge, a country veterinarian, vanishes one afternoon on the way to his grandmother’s house. The […]

Belle de Jour (1967) watch uncut


Directed by: Luis Buñuel Stars: Catherine Deneuve, Jean Sorel, Michel Piccoli Language: English Country: France | Imdb Info Description: Severine is a beautiful young woman married to a doctor. She loves her husband dearly, but cannot bring herself to be physically intimate with him. She indulges instead in vivid, kinky, erotic […]