Hostage (1983) watch uncut


Directed by: Frank Shields Stars: Kerry Mack, Ralph Schicha, Gabriella Barraket Language: English Country: Australia | Imdb Info Also known as: Hostage: The Christine Maresch Story, Savage Attraction Description: Horrific true tale set in the late 70’s Australia about Christine Lewis, a naive 16 year old who in 1974 meets a […]

The Slave aka Check to the Queen (1969) watch online


Directed by: Pasquale Festa Campanile Actors: Rosanna Schiaffino, Haydée Politoff, Romolo Valli, Aldo Giuffrè Language: Italian (English Subtitles) Country: Italy | West Germany Also known as: Scacco alla regina Description: Silvia is young, beautiful and rich. She has everything, but nobody can satisfy her dark sexual needs. When her husband goes on a business trip, […]

The Swinging Stewardesses (1971) watch online


Directed by:  Erwin C. Dietrich Stars: Evelyne Traeger, Ingrid Steeger, Kathrin Heberle Language: English Country: Switzerland Also Known as : The Swinging Stewardesses, The Swingin’ Stewardesses, Die Stewardessen, Les stewardesses, Le hostess, Naked Stewardesses Description: Four intercontinental airplane stewardesses based in New York fly to various sexual experiences all over […]

Mind Twister (1994) watch uncut


Directed by: Fred Olen Ray Actors: Telly Savalas, Erika Nann and Gary Hudson Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Ágyak vonzásában, Ipnosi morbosa, Mielen pyörittäjä Description: For police detective Richard Hovland, it is business as usual – even the sight of the naked, brutalized and gagged body of the young woman has little effect […]

The Big Racket (1976) watch online


Directed by: Enzo G. Castellari Actors: Fabio Testi, Vincent Gardenia, Renzo Palmer Language: English Country: Italy  Also known as: El gran chantaje; Forajidos 77; Big Racket; I megali kobina; Big Violence; Sam proti klanu; Azrail; Il grande racket Description: From the director who brought you Keoma and The Inglorious Bastards comes “The Big Racket,” a mafia movie […]

Abduction AKA Patricia (1975) Joseph Zito watch online

MoCuishle 1

BEST POSSIBLE QUALITY OF PRINT … SPECIAL RESTORATION BY US 🙂 HAVE FUN ! Directed by: Joseph Zito Actors: Judith-Marie Bergan, David Pendleton, Gregory Rozakis, Leif Erickson Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Patricia, Patty – Die meistgesuchteste Frau Amerikas, Aberración Description: Based, loosely, on the story of Patty Hearst’s kidnappings by the SLA. The daughter […]

Angel and the Beasts aka Triangle of Lust (1978) watch online


Directed by: Hubert Frank Actors: Patricia Adriani, Bárbara Rey, José Antonio Ceinos, Miguel, Ángel Godó Language: English Country: West Germany | Austria | Spain Also known as: Teufelscamp der verlorenen Frauen, Triangle of Lust, Unschuldig durch die Hölle, Terrifying Confessions of Captive Women, Fatal Game, To trigono tou pathous Description: […]

Quake (1992) watch online


Directed by: Louis Morneau Actors: Steve Railsback, Erika Anderson, Eb Lottimer, Burton Gilliam Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Aftershock, The Stalker, Earthquake – Inferno des Wahnsinns Description: Defense attorney Jenny has a fight with her boyfriend David just prior to a major earthquake in San Francisco. The earthquake hits while he is driving on […]

Submission of a Woman (1992) watch online


Directed by: Alessandro Lucidi Actors: Daniela Poggi, Gianluca Favilla, Paolo Lorimer, Cecilia Luci Language: Italian (English subs) Country: Italy Also known as: Al calar della sera Description: A woman seeks revenge against a depraved psychopath after surviving a harrowing sexual assault. Luisa and her husband Giorgio are preparing for a […]