Inn of the Damned (1975) watch uncut

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Directed by: Terry Bourke Stars: Judith Anderson, Alex Cord, Michael Craig, Carla Hoogeveen, Diana Dangerfield Language: English Country: Australia | Imdb Info Description: At an isolated inn, the elderly owners, Caroline and Lazar Straulle, are killing off anyone who stays with them. Meanwhile, in the same area, a murderer is […]

Arrapaho (1984) watch uncut

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Directed by: Ciro Ippolito Stars: Urs Althaus, Daniele Pace, Squallor, Tinì Cansino Language: Italian | Subtitles: English Country: Italy | Imdb Info Description: Scella Pezzata, daughter of the Indian chief Heavy Ball of the Cefaloni tribe, is betrothed to Cavallo Pazzo, but is in love with Arrapaho, son of the […]

Apache Woman (1976) watch UNCUT

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Directed by:  Giorgio Mariuzzo Stars: Al Cliver, Clara Hopf and Federico Boido Language: English Country: Italy Also known as:  Una donna chiamata Apache Description:  Tommy is an innocent cavalry officer who falls in love with a beautiful Apache woman (Yara Kewa) after rescuing her from a nasty gun smuggler named Honest […]